Telecommunications Adjudicator Update for February 2007

The numbers continue to grow with greater than 1.7 million lines now unbundled in the UK.

However OTA has a number of major challenges still to address:

  • Fit For Purpose Migrations
  • MPF Processes Further Industrialised and Quality Improvements
  • EMP becoming a non issue

The Right First Time delivery of business as usual ( BAU) unbundled lines has now been corrected to take account of significant MPF volumes, this has been backdated for a few weeks and we can now see a much more representative depiction of the RFT KPI. The performance is sitting at 88% against a target of 98%. SMPF continues to perform best at 95%, whilst MPF lags at 75%.The major programme of improvements underway to bring MPF service levels back up to acceptable levels, although still early days, continued to show signs of improvement during February. The OTA continue to work with Openreach to identify further opportunities to ‘simplify’ the End – to – End MPF process as it remains overly complex & therefore prone to failure.

Clive Fedida left us this month and will be sorely missed. We wish him well in sailing the Mediterranean and thank him wholeheartedly for the effort, drive and professionalism he has shown in his time with the OTA.

Migrations; OTA has established the Migrations Programme Board (MPB) and the 1 st meeting was held 26 th Feb 2007. Phil Elliot has been appointed ‘Migrations Programme Director’ and will be directly accountable for successful delivery of the Programme objectives.

The primary objectives of the MPB are to ensure migration processes are:-

  • Functionally ‘fit for purpose’
  • Performing to target quality levels
  • Fully adopted by CPs & SPs

MPB will be specifically responsible for:-

  • coordinating this task across industry
  • driving through the necessary work programmes
  • ‘dealing’ with the unexpected
  • establishing an ‘Industry-Wide Change Management Process’

Bulk & Mass Migrations; the programme is progressing well with throughput volumes closely tracking industry forecasts. Mass (i.e. MPF) migration quality is lagging Bulk (SMPF) migration quality (82% vs. 92% delivery to CCD) and is being addressed as part of the MPF improvement programme mentioned above.

Assurance; the improving trend of the last 3 months has stalled in recent weeks. OTA are undertaking a fresh review, with Openreach, of the ‘Repair’ measurements with particular focus on ‘repeat’ faults and ‘early life failures’.

Backhaul delivery performance has slipped a little in the past week or so but is substantially on track.

Comingling delivery performance continues to undershoot the agreed target by 15% (80% vs. 95%) although the service is predictable and working well so operators are reasonably happy with the service.

EMP – EMP is the pivotal enabler to achieving best in Class Service levels and seamless migrations for End-Users when changing service providers or moving house. Most CPs are either using EMP or developing plans to do so. Subject to EMP performance continuing to remain stable, a formal ‘sunset’ timetable has been agreed with industry whereby all CPs will be on-ramped to EMP allowing the Tactical systems to be turned-off.

The First Touch Last Touch performance for ALL orders (i.e. Tactical & EMP-based transactions) is now available from Openreach for publication; (See KPI). This measurement focuses on OR’s Delivery performance to CRD (Customer Required Date). Whilst SMPF performance is working well, MPF performance remains a challenge, both in terms of the current process stability and the coming challenge when others move to MPF and significant levels of churn become commonplace.

There are no Disputes in progress with the OTA at the present time.

It is excellent that the volumes continue to rise and that we have achieved 1.7 Million lines unbundled, however the key to further success continues to be, getting the Right First Time KPI closer to the target of 98% RFT. MPF in particular through the further sustainable execution of the Service Improvement Plans from Openreach and the successful full introduction of EMP and the CPs’ transition onto it. The use of EMP by all CPs is a key stepping stone towards achieving seamless Migrations for End-users.

A proposal has been circulated to the LLU Executive concerning a move from the current OTA scheme to a new OTA2 scheme that will be more targeted and have a wider product suite of interest. Discussions with industry and Ofcom about the future of the OTA scheme continue.

OTA continues to focus on:

1) EMP Plans & Delivery; 2) Fit For Purpose Migrations Processes & CP adoption; 3) BAU performance improvement.


Peter McD. Black

Telecommunications Adjudicator