Telecommunications Adjudicator Update for January 2007

We have now reached another significant milestone with more than 1.5 million lines now unbundled in the UK.

However there are still some key challenges going forward.

  • To raise Service levels to ‘best in class’ quality standards
  • To further improve Openreach’s new Systems & Processes and complete Industry’s transition onto them
  • To ensure Migration processes are fit for purpose & fully adopted by CPs

The Right First Time delivery of business as usual (BAU) unbundled lines has maintained an improving trend achieving 96% against a target of 98%, reflecting the significant improvements coming through from the Service Improvement Plan. This is excellent news however the good performance of SMPF (shared) is masking a significant underperformance on MPF (fully unbundled). Most of the underlying reasons behind this are now understood and Openreach have a major programme of improvements underway to bring MPF service levels back up to acceptable levels. Although still early days, it is encouraging to note that MPF delivery performance to CCD (i.e. customer committed date) is showing some signs of improvement during January. The OTA continue to work with Openreach and CPs to identify further opportunities to ‘simplify’ the End – to – End MPF process as it remains overly complex & inherently prone to failure

Migrations; I reported last month that problems for customers continue to be reported particularly where the losing CP is using LLU. OTA in conjunction with Ofcom and Openreach have set up and are coordinating a cross-industry plan involving LLU operators, IPStream Resellers and BT Wholesale to allow inter-product migrations to take place seamlessly. During February, OTA supported by Ofcom will be establishing a formal ‘Cross-Industry Migrations Programme’ which will ‘own’ the ongoing development of the plan and its timely execution.

The key industry milestones towards seamless migrations have been identified as:-

  • Establishment of fit for purpose migration processes & CP adoption of them
  • EMP performance is stable & ALL CPs have transitioned to it
  • All CPs providing consistent & accurate advice to End-users seeking to migrate

The new programme governance structure will be firmly established by end Feb’07

Bulk Migration throughput volumes continue on track. RFT Delivery for SMPF has settled recently at 89% against a target of 98%. Mass Migration delivery performance for MPF continues to lag SMPF and is particularly impacted by unacceptably high levels of DOAs

Assurance; Repair performance for 40 hour fix has maintained an improving trend for the last 3 months. It is encouraging to note a similar trend emerging for 20 hour fix.

Backhaul delivery continues to track targets.

Comingling delivery performance has improved significantly in the last 2 weeks arresting the decline which was evident throughout Dec’06. The service is predictable and working well so operators are reasonably happy with the service.

EMP – Whilst most CPs are either using EMP or developing plans to do so, there are still concerns regarding it’s stability. Openreach continue to work to bring the platform to a satisfactory performance level. EMP is the pivotal enabler to achieving Best in Class Service levels.

It is intended to dovetail this plan with the End-to-End Service Improvement Plan, (phases 2 and 3) and the Product development plan, so that an overall Integrated Plan that addresses all issues in a holistic way can be implemented.

The First Touch Last Touch performance for ALL orders (i.e. Tactical & EMP-based transactions) is now available from Openreach for publication; (See KPI). This measurement focuses on OR’s Delivery performance to CRD (Customer Required Date). Whilst SMPF performance is working well, MPF performance remains problematic (as mentioned earlier) and is heavily impacted by unacceptably high levels of DOAs

There are no Disputes in progress with the OTA at the present time.

It is excellent that the volumes continue to rise and that we have achieved 1.5 Million lines unbundled, however the key to further success continues to be, getting the Right First Time KPI back on track for MPF in particular through the further sustainable execution of the Service Improvement Plans from Openreach and the successful full introduction of EMP and the CPs’ transition onto it.

OTA continues to focus on:

1) EMP Plans & Delivery; 2) Fit For Purpose Migrations Processes & CP adoption; 3) BAU performance improvement.

Peter McD. Black

Telecommunications Adjudicator