Telecommunications Adjudicator Update for August 2006

The number of Lines Unbundled has exceeded 735,000. The Tactical Automation Platforms remain stable. The EMP Platform is delivering orders successfully.

I have to report again that there is ongoing concern that the Right First Time delivery of Business As Usual (BAU) unbundled lines continues to deviate from planned quality levels. This is particularly worrying as the BAU lines have not yet met their planned quality targets. Openreach continue to drive the Improvement Plan that John Small (Openreach MD Service) is confident will address the problems, however, significant improvement has so far failed to materialise. John has targeted September for a significant improvement in Delivery Quality.

Bulk Migration throughput volumes have dropped in the last few weeks, primarily due to specific systems, process & infrastructure problems owned by Openreach and various CPs. Most of these problems have been resolved and throughput is expected to increase significantly from early Sept onwards.

The delivery of Backhaul for PoPs in exchanges has deteriorated recently. The delivery to CDD (Contracted Delivery Date) and delivery to CRD (Customer Required Date) were affected by Planning and logistics issues. I am concerned that the improvements starting to come through will be too late for many circuits already in the delivery cycle.

Co-Mingling PoP build performance to CRD has also deteriorated recently; the Openreach Quality Improvement plan will need constant review and a high level of co-ordination and service level management between Openreach and BT Wholesale.

An increasing number of LLUOs including BT Wholesale are using EMP Service and volumes are increasing, however the take up is slower than expected.

The next major release of EMP, i.e. R300, is due at the end of September. CPs require further input from Openreach before they can cement their own development plans for R300. This release includes some additional functionality for LLUOs.

I reported last month some concern in the LLU community about how this release had been approached by Openreach. Openreach have reviewed how this was handled internally and are committed to improving their engagement with CPs in respect of R400 which is due to be delivered in Dec’06

There are no Disputes in progress at the present time.

I am pleased we have reached 735,000 lines on the current tactical platforms and processes. The Key to success is now getting the Right First Time KPI back on track for BAU and Bulk Migration. The expansion of LLU is still critically dependant on the Quality of PoP build and the Timely delivery of Backhaul circuits to enable the PoPs to Operate. It is therefore crucial that Openreach reverse the deteriorating Quality for Co-mingling and Backhaul services.

OTA will continue to focus on: Business as Usual Line Delivery; Backhaul & Co-mingling Delivery Quality and Strategic Automation (EMP) Plans & Delivery

Peter McD. Black

Telecommunications Adjudicator