Telecommunications Adjudicator Update for May 2006

The number of lines unbundled has exceeded 471,000. The weekly throughput of lines continues to rise. Bulk migration is increasing. The Tactical Automation Platforms remain stable. Weaknesses in the delivery of Backhaul and Co-mingling PoPs from Openreach and BT Wholesale could impact the continuing growth of LLU. OTA’s main focus is now in these areas as well as the delivery of the new systems. Special attention is being applied to the migration processes both To and From LLU.

The significant concerns from last months report continue.

1) The delivery of Backhaul for PoPs in exchanges. The delivery to CCD (Customer Contracted Date) is closing on the improvement plan and the backlog remains under control. The more challenging Plan that will drive the Backhaul Circuit delivery to CRD (Customer Required Date) is not yet showing the improvements intended. Openreach with support from BT Wholesale continue to apply high levels of resource to addressing this challenge.

2) Co-Mingling PoP build performance is still well below target. The recent Openreach Quality Improvement plan requires a high level of co-ordination and service level management between Openreach and BT Wholesale. Our close monitoring of this plan has demonstrated some early signs of improvement; however the overall performance is still disappointing.

3) Phase 1 of the Strategic Systems ( EMP) for LLU SMPF has gone into service. A limited number of LLUOs will be using the service at low volumes. Most will now wait on the imminent upgrade to Phase 2 (R200) before committing fully to ramping up their volumes.

4) Full Operation of Phase 2 of the Strategic Systems ( EMP) for LLU and in particular for MPF (fully unbundled) is due to start on the 30 th June 2006. A number of LLUOs have signed up to ‘On-Ramp’ slots on the Release 200 EMP. All concerned are still aware that this remains a challenging deliverable for Openreach.

The availability of Migration Processes between LLU and IPStream is now causing some concern to OTA and Ofcom. Significant work is required by Openreach and BT Wholesale to ensure the processes are fit for purpose and will have little impact on end users.

Bulk Migration continues and is achieving a good quality level. Continued focus at executive level in Openreach and the Bulk Migrating LLUOs is making sure the programme is on track.

There are no Disputes in progress at the present time.

I am pleased we have reached 471,000 lines on the current tactical platforms and processes. However it is still important to recognise that the Delivery of Backhaul and Co-Mingling PoPs in a quality manner and the move to the Strategic ( EMP) Openreach systems at a time when the LLUOs need the functionality for their businesses are essential to keep the momentum going.

OTA will continue to focus in particular on: Backhaul & Co-mingling Delivery Quality and Strategic Automation ( EMP) Plans & Delivery.

Peter McD. Black

Telecommunications Adjudicator