Telecommunications Adjudicator Update for February 2006

The number of lines unbundled has exceeded 300,000. The weekly throughput of lines continues to exceed 15,000. The OTA Right First Time KPI has stabilised in recent weeks and this is starting to show through in the trend. The Openreach First Touch to Openreach Last Touch KPI is also improving except in the area of New Provide lines where plans are in place but improvement progress is slow. The Tactical Automation Platforms remain stable.

However there are significant concerns in two areas. Firstly, the delivery of Backhaul for PoPs in exchanges, this has been an outstanding issue for some time and there is an urgent need for rapid improvement in the quality and timeliness of delivery. Secondly, the delivery of Phase 1 of the Strategic Systems for LLU is slipping currently on a week by week basis. This is likely to increase the complexity of testing and integration for the LLUOs and the delay could have a knock on effect on the implementation of some key functionality in subsequent phases. We are working closely with Openreach who have made commitments in both these areas to resolve the outstanding issues.

The new Backhaul team (see new KPI) under the leadership of an Openreach General Manager is getting to grips with the process issues surrounding delivery of LLU Backhaul circuits. We are tracking the Openreach Performance against the plan provided by John Small, MD Openreach Service. The performance is improving; however we are disappointed that performance is seriously below an acceptable level of quality for delivery against the Contracted Dates and is currently below the phased improvement targets agreed with Openreach.

The implementation of the Openreach Strategic Systems (Equivalence Management Platform EMP) for LLU and the transition from current Tactical Systems continues to be a primary area of focus for the OTA. We have some serious concerns in this area.

  • Phase 1 Pilot for SMPF was due to start on the 13 th of February and due to several issues did not start and does not yet have a confirmed start date.
  • Phase 2 Production service for MPF was due to start on the 30 th June 2006. This release now has potential issues and Openreach have intimated it may be necessary to move this key date. Further work is taking place to verify what can be done to maintain the current dates and will come back to the LLU Executive with a proposal in the next few weeks.

Bulk Migration is well under way and achieving a good quality level. However Backhaul delivery issues are delaying the Bulk Migration Programme and therefore are being treated with high priority by Openreach.

The Openreach Plan & Build processes have recently improved and therefore Co-Mingling PoPs are being delivered to good quality.

The evolving LLU Governance is bedding down well. Allison Halse of Openreach is leading the Provisioning Forum and Carlos Leira of Wanadoo is leading the Products & Commercial Forum.

There are no Disputes in progress at the present time.

I am pleased with all the work that has enabled us to reach 300,000 lines on the current tactical platforms and processes; we are on track to achieve the breakthrough needed to deliver the industry vision of one million lines this year.

However it is important to recognise that the Delivery of Backhaul in a quality manner and the move to the Strategic ( EMP) Openreach systems are essential to keep the momentum going.

OTA will continue to focus in particular on: Backhaul Quality and Strategic Automation ( EMP) Plans & Delivery.

Peter McD. Black

Telecommunications Adjudicator