Telecommunications Adjudicator Update for August 2005


I am particularly pleased to report that the number of Unbundled Lines now exceeds 105000, the current run rate of lines provisioned is in excess of 4000 per week and the order pipeline continues to increase.

However the operational problems reported last month continue to persist. The Right First Time KPI continues to be negatively impacted due to provisioning problems particularly in the ‘New Line’ category. There has also been an overall deterioration in the quality of delivery. BT and the LLU operators continue to give this highest priority.

The OTA continues to be cautiously optimistic with the status of the Key Automation deliverables from BT; an updated software system (Lisa2) for Shared Unbundled lines (SMPF) has been implemented and is in production with most LLUOs.
Two major systems improvements for Fully Unbundled lines (MPF) are now in production and have delivered useful improvements, however problems in the BT systems returning necessary completion codes are undermining the benefits.
Address matching also continues to be an area of some concern for new line provision.
Automation in general is an area of forensic focus for OTA in support of BT and the LLUOs. It is critical that these Tactical systems are ‘hardened’ to become robust, quality, automated provisioning systems whilst the industry awaits the Strategic System delivery.

The Bulk Migration task team continues to make progress in defining processes and evaluating the projected volumes of lines to be migrated. The gap between what LLUOs need and what BT can deliver continues to be addressed by BT. A detailed provisional migration plan has been produced for the next 18 months, the team understand where and when contention will occur, this forecast is subject to change as business plans evolve. The team are finalising a process that will nail down commitments by LLUOs and BT on a rolling basis. Work is ongoing to smooth the forecast and ensure the IT systems can support the Bulk Migration process and peaks. LLUOs continue to express improved confidence with BT plans as they evolve.

The BT Plan & Build process is operating well and after some recent blips is again close to target quality. Significant increases in POP delivery are expected to come through the pipeline soon and therefore continuous focus on consistent quality will be necessary. BT has significantly stepped up it’s capability in this area.

The current LLU Forecast was compiled by OTA from the LLUOs input, this shows accelerated interest in LLU investment and deployment with unbundled lines significantly in excess of the OTA’s original forecast of 1.5 Million predicted by end 2006, with the number of POPs and Exchanges also significantly increased. An updated OTA forecast will be published in the next few weeks.

The implementation of the Strategic Systems and the Transition from current Tactical Systems continues to be a significant area of focus for the OTA. Intensive workshop and planning sessions are well supported by LLUOs and BT. All activity is focussed on the major deliverables of 1) New Address Matching Capability (NAD) due Dec 05, 2) Strategic Phase 1 for SMPF Spring 06, 3) Strategic Phase 2 for MPF Summer 06.

The biggest issues on Backhaul are delivery and co-ordination with the build of POPs. This has been an area of weakness for some time. New KPIs are in place to focus on these issues and the first signs of improvement are coming through from BT.

There are no Disputes in progress at the present time.

I am pleased that we have broken through the 100,000 line barrier; however there is still a long way to go for the Market Breakthrough we aspire to. OTA will continue to focus in particular on a) Operational Stability, b) Tactical Automation Stability c) Bulk Migration and d) Credible Strategic Automation Plans.

Peter McD. Black

Telecommunications Adjudicator