Telecommunications Adjudicator Update for July 2005


I am pleased to report that the number of Unbundled Lines is approximately 90000, the current run rate of lines provisioned is in excess of 3500 per week and the order pipeline continues to increase.

However, operational problems persist. The Right First Time End User KPI continues to be negatively impacted due in part to a significant increase in the volume of orders entering the systems and a backlog that had to be cleared. BT has identified process & system problems and work is in hand to further improve the quality of the provision process and restore the previous excellent performance. Those LLUOs impacted are also reviewing their processes to ensure they are robust. OTA is helping analyse the data to remove any anomalies.

OTA has moved to cautious optimism with the status of Key Automation deliverables from BT, an updated software system (Lisa2) for Shared lines has been implemented and is in ‘production test’ with most LLUOs. Remedial work is in hand in other areas e.g.: eCO enhancements and BT expects that the currently overdue Tactical Automation & Process improvements will be fully in place with acceptable quality of service during August 2005. This continues to be an area of forensic focus for OTA in support of BT and the LLUOs.

Bulk Migration starts in earnest in the autumn. The Bulk Migration task team continues to make progress in defining processes and evaluating the projected volumes of lines that can be migrated on any particular day. There is currently a gap between what LLUOs want and BT feel able to deliver. A detailed provisional migration plan has been produced for the next 18 months, the team understand where and when contention will occur. Work is ongoing to smooth the forecast and ensure the IT systems can support the Bulk Migration process and peaks. LLUOs are expressing improved confidence with BT plans as they evolve.

The BT Plan & Build process is going well and after a recent blip is again close to target quality. Significant increases in POP delivery are forecast starting in August and therefore continuous focus on consistent quality will be necessary.

The current LLU Forecast was compiled by OTA from the LLUOs input, this shows accelerated interest in LLU investment and deployment with unbundled lines significantly in excess of the OTA’s original forecast of 1.5 Million predicted by end 2006, with the number of POPs and Exchanges also significantly increased.

The implementation of the Strategic Systems and the Transition from current Tactical Systems continues to be a significant area of focus for the OTA. The complex Roadmap of System Capabilities against Requirements is still evolving and continuing collaboration between LLUOs, BT and OTA is in place to ensure the Strategic Systems deliver the Industry Vision. A Phase-1 plan that delivers the Strategic Platform for Shared Lines in spring 2006 has been provisionally signed off by the Market Breakthrough Executive. This signoff is conditional on visibility of plans for some complex migrations being made available by BT. a Phase-2 plan will be presented in September that outlines the delivery of Fully Unbundled Lines on the Strategic Platforms by summer 2006.

The Backhaul Forum was closed during the month after substantially completing its deliverables. The key issues of Daisy Chaining and Aggregation using BES are being dealt with separately between OTA, BT and Ofcom.

The Care Product Forum has transferred from OTA chair to BT chair as it was felt by the group that the Forum added value and should continue to monitor the delivery of longer term enhancements.

I am pleased to report there are no Disputes in progress at the present time. However there are still a number of hot issues that concern LLUOs being worked through.

We are moving clearly in the right direction with some ups and downs along the way. Looking forward the OTA will have particular focus on Delivery Quality; Bulk Migration; and Automation enhancements both Tactical and Strategic.

Peter McD. Black

Telecommunications Adjudicator