Telecommunications Adjudicator Update for June 2005


I am pleased to report that the number of Unbundled Lines is approximately 70000, the current run rate of lines provisioned is in excess of 3000 per week and the order pipeline continues to increase rapidly.

The Right First Time KPI has been negatively impacted this month; there has been a significant increase in the volume of orders entering the systems. BT has identified new process problems and work is in hand to further improve the quality of the provision process and restore the recent excellent performance. Those LLUOs impacted are also reviewing their end of the processes.

I am disappointed with the status of Key Automation deliverables from BT. Remedial work is in hand and BT expect that the currently overdue Tactical Automation & Process improvements will be fully in place with acceptable quality of service by early August 2005. This is currently an area of forensic focus for OTA in support of BT and the LLUOs.

The Bulk Migration task team being co-ordinated by Clive Fedida (OTA) has made excellent progress in defining processes and greatly increasing the projected volumes of lines that can be migrated on any particular day. A detailed provisional migration plan has been produced for the next 12 months, we now understand where and when the pinch points are. Work is ongoing to smooth out the forecast and ensure the IT systems can support the Bulk Migration process and peaks.

The BT Plan & Build process is going very well and close to target quality. Significant increases in POP delivery are forecast for the coming months and therefore continuous focus on consistent quality will be necessary. A new process that co-ordinates Backhaul provision with Co-Location build has been welcomed by the LLU industry.

A New LLU Forecast has been compiled by OTA from the LLUOs input, this shows accelerated interest in LLU investment and deployment, the recent announcements relating to the Telecommunications Strategic Review have been received well by the LLUOs, and the Undertakings have helped consolidate their confidence in the LLU market. The forecast shows unbundled lines dramatically in excess of the OTA’s original forecast of 1.5 Million are predicted by end 2006, with the number of POPs also significantly increased.

Good collaborative work has been in evidence whilst planning for the move to BT’s Strategic Systems. Dialogue between BT, OTA and LLUO IT & Business personnel has produced a clearer understanding for BT of what the LLUOs require and their priorities. It has also enabled BT to involve the LLUOs in the inevitable priority clashes that occur in delivering major programmes of this type. Jim Reilly (OTA) is co-ordinating the ongoing activities here.

I am pleased that BT has made it clear that it will ensure the Strategic Systems are fully ‘fit for purpose’ before LLUOs will be expected to use them in full production, however this may lead to some significant requirements and process changes being implemented on the Tactical IT platforms over the next year or so. BT has committed to do so where clearly necessary. EG: The re-engineering of the ‘New MPF’ process.

The implementation of the Strategic Systems and the Transition from current Tactical Systems is crucial to medium/long term LLU success and therefore this will be a significant area of focus for the OTA over the next six months. The complex Roadmap of System Capabilities against Requirements is still evolving and needs continuing collaboration between LLUOs, BT and OTA to ensure the Strategic Systems deliver the Industry Vision.

There are no Disputes in progress at the present time.

The OTA whilst continuing to cover all the current issues, will however, be further stepping up our focus on Bulk Migration and the Delivery of Tactical and Strategic Process & Automation.

After a lively, challenging and sometimes painful year we now seem to be on the way to the Market Breakthrough for LLU that we have all been working towards, if somewhat later than we would all have liked.

Peter McD. Black

Telecommunications Adjudicator