Telecommunications Adjudicator Update for May 2005


The Scheme is now half way through its expected life, I am pleased with progress in many areas so far, however significant challenges remain; in particular; final delivery of outstanding Tactical Automation updates; removing Manual Intervention; the demonstration of high volume Bulk Migration processes; then moving on to the new BT Strategic Systems.

Operational Quality is improving; new Automation and Processes are currently being delivered and tested by LLUOs. The RFT KPI shows good progress but is not yet on target.

  • Operational Performance:
    • BT Plan & Build has continued improvement towards 98% of POPs being delivered to customers expected date. This KPI now has a 4 week moving average of around 90%; further improvement is expected as a result of a BT internal review.
    • The Right First Time (RFT) End User Key Performance Indicator; (see KPIs) now stands at approx 92%. The graph End User RFT records a four week rolling average and therefore does not yet fully reflect the most recent improvements. It is important to note that this KPI is a Customer Agreed Date measure (CAD). We will be adding a Customer Requested Date measure (CRD) which will be a more rigorous indicator of Customer’s perception of performance and will include some stages not yet recorded in the current KPI once agreed with LLUOs and BT.
    • The run rate of new unbundled lines is rising each week and the total last week was 59,001 and is currently increasing at >3,000 lines per week.
  • There are no Disputes currently in progress.
  • Address matching improvements for new MPF orders have been implemented delivering a significant improvement; however there are still further improvements needed.
  • The new single stage Fault Repair process ready for launch 31/5/2005 , excellent progress has been made in this area.
  • The Breakthrough Implementation Plan is still moving forward however there have been some significant problems recently with new software deliveries for the tactical systems. Two key deliverables for Fully Unbundled and Shared Unbundled lines are not fully implemented. These Software Systems were due to be in full production by now, however difficult problems remain. BT has escalated these issues to the highest level to ensure all issues are understood fully and cleared urgently.
  • A new industry wide forecast is currently being collated by the OTA from the LLU Operators input. This shows a strong continued commitment to deploy LLU.
  • The LLU/BT IT Directors Group has sponsored a number of workshops to help agree processes and pave the way for BT’s LLU Systems to evolve from the current Tactical platforms to BT’s Strategic Platforms for Wholesale products. These workshops have been well supported by BT and the LLUOs. Significant focus is being kept on the short term Tactical developments and learning from the issues encountered. This is to ensure we do not carry problems from the past forward onto the Strategic Platforms. The LLUOs have agreed BT’s proposed timetable for Strategic Platform deployment in principle. However certain assurances over flexibility and responsiveness on the current platforms in the short term are being sought. BT has responded positively and will maintain flexibility.
  • Backhaul discussions continue, Ofcom are also in discussion with BT & Industry on Backhaul aggregation and ring structures. Current agreed Backhaul Improvement plans are progressing.

Our Activities looking forward six months:

  • Current Meetings & Working Groups
    • We are still in an intense phase of activity. We have been very pleased with the level of commitment from LLUOs and BT. these are frequent, delivery focussed sessions.
      • MBE (Market Breakthrough Executive), LLUOs/BT Directors,
      • Breakthrough Plan Implementation,
      • LLUOs/BT Programme Managers,
      • LLUOs/BT IT Directors,
      • BT Plan & Build, LLUOs/BT,
      • Backhaul developments, LLUO/BT,
      • Bulk Migration, LLUOs/BT,
      • Fault Repair Packages, LLUOs/BT
      • OTA/BT Executive Bi-Laterals,
      • BT/LLUOs Operations Bi-Laterals,
      • Multiple workshops on Process, Product and Platform
    • Most of these meetings will have an early natural end as systems, processes and quality improve. However I would expect the MBE, Implementation and the IT Directors meetings to be with us until the end of the scheme.
  • Focus on the Remaining deliverables from the Breakthrough Plan
    • Regular forensic review of Breakthrough; Backhaul; Care Product and PoP Plan & Build deliverables, Delivery Confidence Visits to relevant BT operations to view plans and improvements in LLU processes and systems. A successful visit by the OTA to the new LLU customer management centre in Leeds took place recently.
  • Ensure the creation and implementation of a ‘fit for purpose’ Bulk Migration Process.
  • A requirement for a process for high volume bulk migrations has emerged. BT and OTA are in urgent detailed discussions to find ways to accommodate LLUO's plans but it is not expected to be a straightforward challenge to resolve and OTA facilitated compromises may be necessary.
  • Continuous Monitoring of Quality Of Service
    • Publish Key KPIs and continue detailed review at LLUO/BT bi-laterals.
    • Keep on top of possible Quality Hiccups as Volumes rise, Bulk Migration starts and New Software Drops take effect.
  • IT Directors Group
    • Close follow up to ensure that teams inside BT are connected to relevant teams inside LLUOs and agree their joint Tactical & Strategic IT Roadmap & Deliverables.
  • Second Phase issues
    • Key issues in Phase 2 will be Planning for the move to BTs Strategic Systems and Moving to an Agreed ‘Customer Required by Date’ (CRD) process and KPI for Provisioning; LLUOs have submitted their requirements for Process Re-Engineering/Improvement.
  • Plan for ‘Business as Usual’ for LLU
    • Adjudicator will create a ‘strawman’ roadmap for the industry to move from The Scheme on to Business as usual.


Peter McD. Black

Telecommunications Adjudicator