Telecommunications Adjudicator Update for March 2005


The next few months will prove critical for LLU deployment; a high volume of new PoPs are coming online; Operational Quality is improving rapidly; new Automation and Processes are about to be delivered. The latest Forecast shows a significant increase in unbundled lines over the next eighteen months.

  • Operational Performance:
    • BT Plan & Build has continued excellent performance improvement towards 98% of POPs being delivered to customers expected date by end of March 2005. This KPI is likely to be met.
    • Right First Time (RFT) End User delivery stands at approx 87% it is above the current target and improving on a week by week basis. The graph End User RFT in the KPI section of this website records a four week rolling average and therefore does not yet fully reflect the recent significant improvements.
    • The run rate of new unbundled lines is rising each week and the total is currently approximately 40000.
  • Our first formal Dispute from Bulldog Communications LTD. (OTA001) has been withdrawn after constructive dialogue between BT and Bulldog. A new Care Product proposal has been put to LLUOs by BT, OTA is facilitating progress.
  • The Breakthrough Implementation Plan remains substantially on track as can be seen from the Graph in the KPI section of this site.
  • A new industry wide forecast (V3) has been collated by the OTA from the LLU Operators input. See KPI section of this site.
  • OTA has initiated a series of meetings of the IT Directors of the LLU Operators with the IT Directors in BT responsible for delivering the automation that will support LLU services. These meetings have spun off a series of collaborative workshops to ensure the LLUOs & BT have a joint approach to the new Strategic Systems that BT will be moving to.
  • Backhaul discussions continue whilst Ofcom are also in discussion with BT & Industry on Backhaul aggregation and ring structures. Current agreed Backhaul Improvement plans are progressing well.
  • A review of the Adjudication Scheme has been undertaken by Freya Guinness of Ofcom. The report was submitted to, and approved by, Ofcom executives and was subsequently endorsed by the Ofcom Board. It was felt that significant progress had been made and the Members fully endorsed the Scheme therefore it will continue in its present form until December 2005 with another review in September 2005.

Looking forward six months,

  • Focus on the Breakthrough Plan
    • Regular forensic review of Breakthrough, Backhaul, Care Product and PoP Build deliverables, Delivery Confidence Visits throughout relevant BT operations to view plans and improvements in LLU processes and systems.
  • Continuous Monitoring of Quality Of Service
    • Publish Key KPIs and continue detailed review at LLUO/BT bi-laterals.
    • Keep on top of possible Quality Hiccups as Volumes rise, Bulk Migration starts and New Software Drops take effect
  • IT Directors Group
    • Close follow up to ensure that teams inside BT are connected to relevant teams inside LLUOs and agree their joint Tactical & Strategic IT Roadmap & Deliverables. Kevin West of Bulldog has become Chairman of this group.
  • Sweep up Second Phase issues
    • Significant New, and Lower priority requirements, evaluate those not in first SOR/ Breakthrough Plan for phase 2 inclusion.
    • Additional OTA resource temporarily on board – Jim Reilly, Ex C&W Operations Director will help see us through the busy period coming up.
  • Plan for ‘Business as Usual’ for LLU

Peter McD. Black
Telecommunications Adjudicator