Best Practice Guide

BPG – Summary List - v2.7

Consumer Switching

Industry Best Practice Guide - Consumer Switching v2

Best Practice Guide – WLTs-Migrations-ELT Avoidance


Retailer IDs (RIDs)-Industry Best Practice Guide-v2

  • App A-COCO reports-Ofcom Guidance-v6
  • App B-RID BPG-BAU & change Scenarios-v2
  • App C-Consumer Switching Industry Forum-TORs-v2
  • Cancel Other

    Industry Guide to Cancel Other - Industry Guide-v9.1

    Industry Guide to Selling Compliantly - Industry Guide-v2

    Openreach Cancel Other Expedite Process - Flow Chart-v2

    Openreach Cancel Other Expedite Process - Steps-v3

    BTW Cancel Other & Urgent Service Restoration Processes – CP Process-v2

    MPF Access Line ID(ALID) Help Line

    MPF ALID Help Line - Process description v1.4

    WLR and MPF Provision

    Best Practice Guide - WLR & MPF Provision

    WLR and MPF Repair

    Best Practice Guide – WLR3 Repair ‘In-effectives’

    Best Practice Guide – Raise & Manage a Customer Fault

    Best Practice Guidance - Test Accuracy Charging Scenarios

    Geographic Number Porting – Process Documents

    GNP E2E Ops Process – v17.5.1

    Appendix A - Contacts Register-v1

    Appendix B - GNP_NPOR-issue_5-Feb_2013

    Appendix C - GNP-Customer Letter of Authorisation-v2

    Appendix D - Process automation-v3.3

    Appendix E - Sub-port activations-CSV Template & Spec-v7

    Appendix F - Customer Data for 100 and 999 services-User Guide-Iss2

    Appendix G - 999 EFF Interface Spec-issue 1

    Appendix H - Code of Practice for the Public Emergency Call Service

    Appendix J-PoV Process Description-v1.5

    Appendix K-BPG-Number Ownership-Dispute Resolution-v1

    Appendix L-Multiline DoP Activations-Batch Requests Process Description-v2

    Appendix M-Unacknowledged Orders-Batch Request Process Description-v2

    Appendix N-OOH NP Support - Product  Process Description-v4.9

    Non-Geographic Number Porting – Process Documents

    NGNP E2E Ops Process – v13.3

    NGNP Service Establishment Test Schedule